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Jimz Tattoo

House of Award Winning Tattoo Artist who Collaborate to creating everlasting art trought tattoo that you can own the art personaly and make as a lifetime gift mark for yourself.

Jimz Tatto house

Over 30 Years Of Experience

The art that gets under
your skin.

Award Winning Tattoo Artist with 30 Years Experience is Now Available in Bali, With Eur / Aus Standards using Imported Ink and Needle also connected with the best tattoo artist in House to meet your remarkable Tattoo art from Bali.

Painless Methods

Meet our Award Winning Tattoo Artist , From Germany , Philippines also Indonesia , Now In Bali.

Jimz Tatto house

Our Specialties

Will Develops and Creating your ideas to everlasting art who can bring all of your memories trough your meaningfull Tattoo.


With Using Vegan tattoo ink, eliminate glycerin being used as a stabilizer, bone char used to achieve a super-black color, or gelatin and shellac used for consistency and durability. Bring Tattoo Art More Safety.


Express freedom in a quality piece of Piercing art with our piercing artists who meet safety standards to produce quality body art.


Some Art Works Requires retouching or maybe renewing it to get beauty according to your ideas. At Bali Tattoo Heroes our tattoo artist will discuss with you to find amazing results.

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The place where your art comes to life!

Jimz Tatto house

Specials Deals for Online Booking

3 Small Tatto

IDR 1.000.000

Cover Up Tatto

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Full Sleve Tatto

IDR 15.000.000

Jimz Tatto House

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